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about us

The crs head office is situated near Luzern in Switzerland.
Our team consits of software developers, engineers and computer scientists thus we are very effecient in locating and monitoring internet pirates.
Although pirates might have a different opinion, we consider ourselves the good guys dealing efficiently with the dubious business of illegal filesharing.                 With our know-how and our experience, we are fighting a daily war against illegal downloads, against illegal seeders and leechers.   

If you like to get involved with us or want to get to know more about us you may either give us a call in order of you letting us know more about your special interests or you might illegally download media.                 

CopyRight Solutions GmbH  ·  Poststrasse 10 · CH - 6060 Sarnen  ·  Switzerland  ·  phone 0041-41-6620980  ·  info@copyright-solutions.ch